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3D modeling for professionals in 3D Max + Marvelous Designer + Vray from (English version)

PRICE: 200 USD ( - 40% DISCOUNT) = 120 USD!

By purchasing the educational course you will receive:

- Access to the most extensive training material. You will learn how to create 200 (two hundred) professional & high-quality 3D models in 3D Max + Marvelous Designer + V-Ray.

With a huge number of video tutorials, you will get the opportunity to understand how to create complex professional 3D models.
Also, you save your time, on simulate algorithm strategies and techniques . You will fully understand, how to create your 3D models in a similar way.

We will provide you UNLIMITED ACCESS to 200 video tutorials of two hundred (200) 3D models of upholstered furniture. The total duration of video tutorials is 875 hours.

From 875 hours (132 hours of video tutorials will be with a step-by-step explanation of the 3D modeling workflow from our curator Artem Gogolov.

The remaining 743 hours of video tutorials will be without a voice explanation of the 3D modeling workflow (since after 132 hours of explanation it will be clear for you how to do it by yourself or to follow the process).

-Best students will receive systematic jobs for the creation of 3D models from our marketplaces:, + clients for 3D modeling work from all over the world.

+Additionally, you will receive access to 3D modeling online chat. 3D modelers who have bought the course will communicate, exchange experience, help, and assist you there. All communication will be on a friendly basis there.

When buying a course in April, you will have access to a super bonus gift:
Access to a database of high-quality, newest, and most relevant 3D scenes on our marketplace "". We add 50 bonuses to your balance for free. This allows you to download any of the coolest 3D scenes from our marketplace for an amount equal to $50

+In addition you will receive access to future updates in the form of new video tutorials.

Please pay attention that to understand those tutorials, you must have basic knowledge of working with: 3Ds Max , Marvelous Designer and V-Ray.

After payment l will give you links to download video educational course and your personal activation keys within 24 hours!

For sales and consultations of this course in the English version, please send a personal message to Valentin Kuznetsov:

Demo video tutorial with an explanation of the 3D modeling workflow:

You will get access to all the video tutorials with the previews of 3D models which are you see below (the duration of each specific video tutorial can be seen below):